We are a top-tier civil engineering company specializing in infrastructure development projects for roads, bridges, and pavement across urban and rural Punjab. We established in 2014, and over the past six years, we have successfully delivered 30 mega civil infrastructural projects for Punjab Government, and currently managing 11 ongoing projects.

Adequate Safety and Health Management are the backbones of this company’s track record. Our unmatched level of excellence is standing upon the framework of a fully integrated management system. You can get more in-depth information about the nature of the projects we have completed in our Projects section of the website.


As you navigate my company’s website, I hope you get to learn more about the attributes that make this company a distinctive provider of essential construction services to the government and also a great place to build your career.

Being an Engineer myself, I always desired to be a part of a company that believes in honest work and does not indulge in con-acts like cost and time overruns just for the sake of profit. And when I couldn’t find such a company, I created one! MH Engineering Services has been my dream since the day I stepped into college and a part of my real-life since 2014.

I, along with my hardworking and skillful team, aim to make MH Engineering Services a global name and leave with the world with majestic examples of Architecture and Glory. I acknowledge the never resting efforts of my team and workers and aim to make my workforce stronger and maintain an unbiased environment for them. I also take this opportunity to pledge that MH Engineering Services will leave no stone unturned in exceeding our clients’ expectations and play a positive role in the economy of Pakistan.